Jarrel Phillips

99% Invisible: Model City

October 24, 2019
Source: 99% Invisible [23:00] Jarrel Phillips: I’m Jarrel Phillips, San Francisco native, born and raised in Fillmore. My grandparents all came here from the South when that migration was happening. I’m a performer. I teach capoeira throughout the city. I’ve been doing a project called “I Am San Francisco, Black Pasts And Presents, The […] Read More

SFPL Features Jarrel Phillips

October 24, 2019
Source: San Francisco Public Library Jarrel Phillips, the curator of “How We Play,” has been hard at work all week installing in the Library’s Jewett Gallery. Visit the Main Library to check out the finished exhibition, on view April 20 through August 11, 2019. Read More

A Dance Tribute to Bayview-Hunters Point’s History

September 1, 2019
Source: KQED By Carla Escoda The renaissance of the Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood has been a long time coming. And it may have just gotten longer, with the recent discovery of radioactive material missed in the controversial 20-year, $1 billion EPA Superfund cleanup of the Hunters Point naval shipyard. The unearthing of a radium marker—a remnant […] Read More

The Importance of Recreation in Jarrel Phillips’ ‘How We Play’ Exhibition

August 28, 2019
Source: KQED Jarrel Phillips is a unique character. He’s from San Francisco’s Fillmore area, raised out there in the ’90s and early 2000s, at the tail end of when Fillmore was “Fillmoe.” That’s where he soaked up the culture, and learned about the performing arts and the importance of storytelling. Now he works to give […] Read More

Rightnowish: Jarrel Phillips, Culture Keeper of the Diaspora

August 23, 2019
By Pendarvis Harshaw Source: KQEDListen to the PODCAST on KQED “I’m doing a flip off the boat,” said Jarrel Phillips, breaking down this past week’s performance at Remembering 1619, a play directed by Joanna Haigood of Zaccho Dance Theatre, which acknowledges the first shipment of enslaved Africans reaching Virginia 400 years ago. “I’m one of […] Read More

Visionary Public Art: Picture Bayview

August 20, 2019
Source: Kenneth Rainin FoundationPRO Visionary Public Art: Picture Bayview from Kenneth Rainin Foundation on Vimeo. “Picture Bayview” celebrates the dreams and aspirations of residents of Bayview-Hunter’s Point in San Francisco, as the neighborhood enters a period of economic and demographic transformation. Watch the video to learn about this Open Spaces Program project by Zaccho Dance […] Read More

Round 3: Into the Heart of East Africa

July 18, 2019
The AVE Project 2012 in Zanzibar, Ethiopia and Uganda Interview with Jarrel Phillips By Christine Joy Ferrer In September 2012, Jarrel “Chumbinho” Phillips (AVE founder and ZSTC project manager), traveled to Zanzibar, Ethiopia and Uganda teaching Capoeira, all the while video documenting and photographing his journey with the help of Giovan Alonzi (AVE project journalist). […] Read More

I AM SF: Black Past and Presence at SF State

December 21, 2018
Source: Golden Gate Xpress “When we say black, what does that mean?” Jarrel Phillips, artist and curator, asked himself that question in order to assemble his latest exhibit. “I Am San Francisco: Black Past and Presence,” on display in the Associated Students’ Art Gallery, explores the way black people and their culture are viewed and […] Read More

Jarrel Phillips