Remembering 1619

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Remembering 1619

Our incredible team of artists and creatives took us on a journey of 400 years that evoked pain and pride, but it mainly provided us with a more profound understanding of the connection between what started on this continent in 1619 and present day manifestations of racism and white supremacy. Those who suffered in the past spoke through the performances and urged all in attendance to work hard to make things more fair.


Deepest gratitude to our creative team: Marcus Shelby and The Marcus Shelby Quintet; Zaccho Dance Theatre’s Joanna Haigood, Lydia Clinton, Clarissa Dyas, Delvis Friñon, Frankie Lee Peterson III, and Jarrel Phillips; actor Steven Anthony Jones; The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol; pianist Joe Warner; directorial consultant and dramaturg Kim Euell; set designer Wayne Campbell; and filmmakers Cheo Tyehimba Taylor and David Goldberg. I was proud to be a part of this team as executive producer.

The Equal Justice Society presents a Remembering 1619 Artistic Presentation, marking the 400th anniversary of arrival of enslaved Africans at Jamestown, Virginia. The presentation will feature The Marcus Shelby Orchestra, Joanna Haigood and Zaccho Dance Theatre, actor Steven Anthony Jones, The Dynamic Miss Faye Carol, Joe Warner, directorial consultant and dramaturg Kim Euell, filmmakers Cheo Tyehimba Taylor and David Goldberg, and Executive Producer Eva Paterson. This stirring work about 400 years of struggle, triumph, grief, excellence, and resilience experienced by people of African descent here in the United States will be presented in four acts: Act I-Arrival; Act II-Chattel Slavery; Act III-Reconstruction and Jim Crow; and Act IV-The Modern Age.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

6:00 p.m. – 9:00 pm.


201 Franklin St. (Franklin and Fell), San Francisco