When Words Aren’t Enough

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By Jarrel Phillips

How do I say what I mean if words mean different things to different people? We give words power. Yet, as a direct result of heterogloss, what may be hoped to be conveyed from one person to the next gets lost in translations as who is listening interprets the words via self reflection and experience in which what was said versus what is heard are not the same. We must take into great account your audience and their experience and perspective if you wish for your words to have the impact you desired. We must choose our words wisely knowing when to use them and how to place and order them appropriately as well as when not to use them at all.

In my experience, I find that words are not enough to articulate and express what it is I care to share and convey. For this reason, I keep my mouth shut and words to a minimum when it comes to my deepest thoughts, feelings, and emotions preferring to convey through other forms of action such as movement and silence as I’d rather give a feeling or experience that can be painted an reiterated by the audience’s or individual’s choice of words or understanding.

Words are our instruments that we breath and speak life and power into. So when I speak I must speak wisely with experience, love, and with the perspective of who is listening whom I hope will truly hear. When words are not enough, which they often are not, find another means of communication. Neither language or communication are limited to our ability to speak. Always in all ways.

Words are magic. Movement is ritual.